WhiteHat Software and Consulting Inc.

There was a brief (about 5 minutes) interruption in service at about 15:15 EST for the main web server today while we replaced the batteries in our power backup systems.  This was almost certainly un-noticed as the duration was so short it didn't even trip the automatic failover systems.  But if you happened to try to access any of the web services during that window you would have received an error message saying "unable to connect to server."

Additionally, you may have experienced temporary e-mail delivery failures in the last couple days.  During this period we have been performing an in place Operating System upgrade on our servers.  E-mail delivery was affected by each of the module upgrades for Perl, Sendmail, Python, and Spamassassin.  These e-mail delivery failures were temporary in nature and the message will have been delivered automatically typically within an hour of the e-mail system returning to the 'accepting messages' state.