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Here you can find information on Software updates released for you Phalanx Firewall System.

Your Phalanx displays a version number in the upper left corner of the management screens.  This number is formatted as follows:  M.m.u where M is the major version number, m is the minor version number, and u is the update number.  Your Phalanx will check for updates automatically (typically every four hours) and apply any updates that are new.  Usually these updates will not require a restart of your Phalanx.  You may experience a few seconds of service interruption if an update requires restarting a major component, but this is quite rare.  If a full system restart is needed the Phalanx will schedule the restart for off hours (typically 1am to 4 am local time).

Updates for v 1.0

Updates for v 2.0