WhiteHat Software and Consulting Inc.

Server Outage

Starting at 3 Aug. 2008, 20:35 there was a broad power outage caused by an electrical storm at the main location. The servers were powered off and removed from the grid until 4 Aug. 0:00. When we brought them back up there was no Internet connection from our provider. At 10:05 on 4 Aug. the Internet link came back up, but no IP was assigned. Finally at 18:00 the primary system returned to full operation.

The failover servers handled web page requests during this time. E-Mail delivery was offline during this period, but all messages should have been sent shortly after the return to full service. Phalanx Firewall System license checks with the license server failed during this period, but the cached info on each Phalanx will have carried the customer through this period. Only new installations that tried to access the license server during this period will have experienced a problem.