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If you are here then you most likely have had your email server blacklisted on one of my email servers. If you are a user and you were sending legitimate email you should contact your service provider with specific information including the email bounce message you recieved from my server.   They can use this information to contact me to help resolve your problem.

You can check for your listing in my blacklists by going to spamblock and finding your entry in the blacklist or netrange file and making sure that you are not in the whitelist.

My policy on blocking is that if I recieved SPAM from your IP and it is plain that the IP is part of a customer dynamic network range, then the entire range is blocked.  If within that block there is a legitmate mail server through which customers must relay, and that server enforces a no-SPAM policy, then that server can be whitelisted.  If your specific server has been blocked then it is because I recieved SPAM from that server.  I will not exchange mail with servers that allow SPAM, so even if you have a legitimate domain on a server which also has SPAM originating domains on it, then you are out of luck.  Get a service that doesn't support SPAM.

My blocking policies are drastic.  Yes.  SPAM sucks, and I will do what I can to stop it even including blocking those who support SPAM by doing business with SPAMmers.  If you really need to contact me there are methods other than email.